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1000-1000 Blog ChallengeComplete the 1000-1000 Travel Blog Challenge and this could be your office.

Welcome to the 1000-1000 Travel Blog Challenge. The Challenge is the competitive bedrock of the TBC and is the main tool we will use in our community experiment to answer the question: “is travel blogging really a viable way to earn sustainable online income?” It is also a fixed goal that we can use to motivate ourselves and each other.

What is the 1000-1000 Challenge?

The Challenge is simple. Build your travel or lifestyle blog to the point where it earns at least $1000 USD per month and gets an average of 1000 visitors/day.

Simple right? Well, maybe not that simple. In fact, we know accomplishing both can be difficult. Many people on the internet want you to believe that it’s easy to travel the world and get paid for it. They rely on the emotional hooks of freedom, travel and money to get you to part with your own money. The truth is, travel blogging takes time, dedication, and a plan of action. BUT you can succeed, and the Challenge is a way to help each other gain sustainable online income from travel blogging and build a legion of adoring fans (or just some really cool people).

We will do it together, and prove not only that succeeding at travel and lifestyle blogging is possible, but how to do it so others can follow in our footsteps.

How to Start the 1000-1000 Challenge

Starting the Challenge is easy and is the first step on your way to joining the Travel Blog Challenge (TBC) Network.

1) Register your site with Get Clicky so you can track visitor numbers and prove them to me and analyze where your traffic is coming from! (I switched this requirement from google analytics, because Get Clicky offers a much better user interface and is still free (there is a premium option if you want to track more than one site).

2) Install the TBC 1000-1000 Challenger Badge with pride (lots of sizes to suit your needs)

3) Write a post on your blog announcing you have joined the 1000-1000 Challenge

4) Leave a comment on this page with a link to your announcement (so I can add you to the list of challengers)

5) Write consistently, be creative and honest when earning money and building traffic

6) Selflessly promote the heck out of your fellow travel and lifestyle challengers

Why 1000-1000?

Before you send the inevitable barrage of e-mails bemoaning earning money from travel blogging, waxing poetic about all the other benefits such as social capital, engaging in a passion, and meeting new people, just take a deep breath and read some more.

There are many ways to measure success in the blogging world, and by no means am I saying that $1000/month and 1000 visitors/day is the only way to measure this. If you are happy blogging for the love of writing, great! If you are only interested in keeping a journal of your trip, go for it. If you are only interested in building a community but not monetization, this is still a great place for you.

I chose $1,000 as the threshold as this is a nice side income, and it is also the minimum monthly income needed by most long term budget travelers.

I chose 1,000 visitors (or about 30,000 a month) as this seems to be the magic number between a small website and one that has developed a respectable following. Well, to be  honest, this one was more random and I went with my gut feeling. Of course we would all love over 100,000 visitors a month, but lets concentrate on one thing at a time.

These are the standards I hoping we can use to build up credibility. When we have enough bloggers who have completed the challenge we will have a powerful lobbying group to engage with advertisers, PR reps and marketers.

I’ve Started the Challenge, Now What?

The challenge is a medium term goal. It is my hope that it does not take most challengers longer than 1 year to complete. In the meantime, poke around the Travel Blog Challenge for advice and guidance on how to build a better blog.

Sign up for the TBC Network (the 1000-1000 Challenge is the first step). See the TBC Welcome post for details.

Introduce yourself on the forums in the New Challenger Introductions thread.

Most importantly, network, promote others, and engage with the community here. This is your site too and the benefits for all of us will come through supporting each other and banding together.

I’ve Complete the Challenge, Now What? How will you Know?

Fear not, I’m not going to forget about you, or exclude you if you are already a popular blogger.

If you are already over the 1000-1000 threshold, then get in touch and we will work it out. This will most likely be through a 1,500-1,500 challenge, or something like it. In either case this is just the first step in getting involved with the TBC Network. See the full steps here.

How to Prove you finished the Challenge

Like joining the TBC Network I will rely on Get Clicky to show your average monthly visits. While I encourage these to be unique visits, for the time being we will just say “visits.”

Proving how much you earn from your blog can be trickier and since this is all for self development I am going to just take your word for it. You are free to be creative in how you earn money from your blog (adsense, private advertising, affiliate sales, selling your own products, entering competitions etc). BUT you should distinguish between what the blog helps you earn and what you earn through the blog. For example a paid writing assignment that has NOTHING to do with your blog does not count. But if you win a writing competition by promoting it through your blog that is OK.

Basically, I’m asking you to use your common sense, be fair, transparent and honest. When you complete the Challenge I’ll ask you to post an article with your tips, advice and a breakdown of the types of revenue you earn and where your traffic comes from. This will help everyone else who follows, plus it’s really cool to see how others succeed!

OK, enough chit chat, lets get on with it. Good luck with the challenge and I can’t wait to meet you.

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  1. Todd Wassel says:

    Keep leaving your comments! I had to debug a plug-in and as a consequence we lost the last few comments. But don’t worry I have you all down for the 1000-1000 Challenge :)

  2. Bravo and three cheers from South Korea! While my current travel blog is solely about South Korea, it’ll be the best travel blog about South Korea that I can make :)

    Currently at about 500 visitors a day, so not exactly starting from scratch… The money part is a bit less than that, so that’s where I hope to see the improvement :)

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Hey Chrs, great! 500 a day is fantasitc and as you will from others it can be easy to earn money from this ammount of traffic. Some (like Amar) are making a nice bit with less than half of your traffic.

      Looking forward to checking out your blog.


  3. Hi, please put me up for the challenge. My announcement can be found here: http://www.nicolasdecorte.be/blog/general/2010/12/what-is-a-1000-1000-travel-blog-challenge

  4. OK, count me in too! And do let us know when the badge is ready.

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Yay! Thanks for joining in Barbara. I think I more excited to learn from you :) I`m working on the badges now. I want them to be nice and attractive so it will take a week or so to get them where I want.

  5. Ok, I’m jumping in with both feet. Great idea, Todd! Here’s my announcement: http://aviewtoathrill.net/2010/12/25/what-is-this-1000-1000-challenge-that-you-speak-of/

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Great Announcement Renee! I hear you have having limited time to build the blog as I have a full time job that I love as well. But I`m also hoping to build in advice on maximizing our time and being more efficient. Hopefully not only can we figure out exactly HOW best to monetize and build traffic, but also how to do it in a way that we still have free time :)

  6. greg urbano says:

    good luck to the participants ! should make a good blog directory i can comment in!

  7. Hey Todd!
    Fabulous idea! This’ll be a great way to keep the juices flowing and stay focused! Here’s the post I used to introduce the challenge http://www.themisadventurer.com/journal/pleasantly-average-new-year
    Can’t wait :)

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Hey Greg,

      Great and welcome to the challenge! I made the shift from a personal, keep family and friends up to speed blog to a more focused and open blog at the beginning of last year. It was the best decision I have made with the blog. Although after 3 years it took some soul searching and nervousness to make the switch and leave my old model behind. Head on over to the forums and introduce yourself, and don`t forget to tell your friends :) The TBC gets stronger with each new person who joins and soon we will full blown members of the TBC network and we can start to help eachother earn more as well.

  8. DangerousBiz says:

    Count me in! I figured taking on this challenge would be a great way to kick off the new year!


  9. Dylan says:

    Loving the idea Todd! Definitely an aspiration-of-2011 for The Travelling Editor. Count me in mate – will work on the announcement post once I’ve managed to oust this hangover…

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Great! Welcome to the challenge and good luck with the hangover :) Post the announcement here when it is up as I love reading them and commenting. It also occurs to me that should be tweeting them too, so you get that as well for a New Years present.

  10. nateniale says:

    Hi! Joining the challenge though I have no idea how I’m getting there! Hope to learn from all of you here!
    Wrote about it here: http://nateniale.blogspot.com/2011/01/of-travelling-and-travel-writing.html

  11. Glad to be joining — will do up a post ASAP. Thanks, Todd.

  12. Amy & Kieron says:
  13. Lynda says:

    So I’ve decided to take the challenge :-)

    Just posted about it here: http://www.live-travel-blog.com/2011/01/03/im-taking-the-1000-1000-challenge/

    Let’s do this!!!

  14. Laura says:

    Great idea, count me in too! I’ll post the announcement shortly. Cheers!

  15. Jeremy B says:

    I’m joining the Travel Blog Challenge! However, as my post above indicates, it will be a new blog!


    • Todd Wassel says:

      Great Jeremy, welcome on board and good luck with the new blog and the launch. I’m looking forward to it and don’t forget to shameless self promote yourself in the forums to get help from those here :)

  16. Jayne says:

    I’m in! This challenge sounds like just the kick in the bum I need. Look forward to working with you all.


  17. I’m officially on board.



  18. I’m in and have no idea where to begin!
    I’m counting on my fellow bloggers for help with all this monetization stuff!

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Hi Caroline, welcome and don’t worry we will help get you sorted :) Feel free to ask away in the forums and of course getting started with the Blog Homework will help as well.

  19. Juno says:

    I’m so.. in!! :D

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Oh my!!! The Famous Juno has signed up, this site just got a whole lot brighter :) Thanks for Juno and I’m really excited to get to hang out with you even more!!!

  20. Mikecollins says:

    Hey Todd.. Been following your blog for awhile and came across this. I decided to jump in.. Here is my post. http://exoticvisitors.com/random-thoughts/1000-1000-challenge-and-the-need-for-goals/

  21. Jade says:

    Okay- We’re joining! Here’s our announcement letter: http://vagabond3.com/goals-to-write-home-about/

  22. aseper says:

    I am also throwing my hat in the ring. My post announcing my involvement in the 1000-1000 challenge will go up tomorrow, and I’ll link it here when it goes live. I am quite excited to get to work with Todd and the rest of you!

  23. abbey says:

    Alrighty! I’m in. Just made my post live. You can check it out at http://www.achickwithbaggage.com/blog/who-wouldnt-want-to-make-1000month-with-their-blog.html

  24. Gillian says:

    All right…sign me up…let’s see where this goes…should be a fun ride! http://one-giant-step.com/three-reasons-to-keep-blogging/

  25. LJFro7 says:

    Please add me to the list!

    My announcement post can be found here: http://twoweekstotravel.com/2011/01/12/a-new-challenge/

    I’m excited to get started!!

  26. Traveling…Writing…Doing it more often…I’m in for the challenge…now where’s my badge??

    Katrina Mauro recently posted..The Challenge- Traveling…Writing…Doing It More Often

  27. TheTraveller says:
  28. Skychi says:

    I am creating a blog post to announce my joining the challenge. I am some homework to get caught up on.
    I am create the possibility of 1000 readers and $1000 per month income. Thanks Todd.

  29. Skychi says:
  30. skychi says:

    This my announcement of joining the Travel Blog Challenge


  31. Ryley says:

    Todd, thanks for starting the challenge and your constant focus on developing traveller bloggers across the world! You can count me in.

    My post announcing it all is here: http://journalsabroad.com/2011/01/joining-the-1000-1000-travel-blog-challenge/

    Cheers and thanks again!

  32. Vagabondkids says:

    Okay kiddos, I am all in. Just finished the post about the challenge. You can find it

    So much to learn, so much good info so far!
    Vagabondkids recently posted..Easy Voluntourism with Kids- Caring For Cambodia

  33. Kelly says:

    Hey Todd! Is it too late to sign up? Just heard about the challenge through Adam and I think it’s awesome!
    I could actually use this for both of my blogs, but I thought maybe I could use it to jumpstart the brand new blog/project!

    So, here’s the confirmation post!

    Kelly recently posted..The 1-000-1-000 Challenge

  34. AbsoluteADT says:

    It’s official! I’m all in! Good luck to everyone My announcement: http://www.absoluteadt.com/2011/featured/1000-1000-travel-blog-challenge/
    AbsoluteADT recently posted..What Another Travel Challenge

  35. Monique says:
  36. ilainie says:

    Ok, we’re in, and super excited!
    Here’s our link announcing our commitment: http://www.raisingmiro.com/2011/02/11/travel-blog-challenge/
    ilainie recently posted..We are Taking the Travel Blog Challenge

  37. Lash says:

    Yesterday I posted a notice on my blog that I’ve joined the 1000-1000 Challenge. It’s on my home page, just below today’s post (2nd post on blog) I’m really glad I found this Challenge! Thanks Todd and all!
    cheers, Lash

    Lash recently posted..BICYCLING DAY 10- Retracing Balis central N coast

  38. Denise says:

    Hi Todd,

    I’m about to set up a new self-hosted site and would love to join the challange once it’s up. You seem to be suggesting that for many bloggers getting 1000 visitors per day is easy and it happens after a bit of time (and that getting money is more problematic)- could you maybe write a post/get someone to write a post on how they manage to achieve this?
    I personally have been struggling to get substantial daily views on my old wordpress blog (maybe because it’s not self-hosted)


    Denise recently posted..7 Things to do in Istanbul – People watching

    • Denise says:

      oh actually I just found the information I was looking for in the forum! thanks!
      Denise recently posted..7 Things to do in Istanbul – People watching

      • Todd Wassel says:

        Hi Denise, welcome! We would love to have you join the Challenge and the TBC. I’m not sure how I made it come across, but I actually think it is easier to reach the $1,000/month than it is 1,000 visits per day. Gaining traffic is one of the hardest parts of blogging, and I’m hoping that we can help each other out on this.

        One of the original posts I put up is 15 Traffic Building Tips. And I’ll be posting more strategies as we going along. Basically it is a combination of great and consistent content, interviews, guest posting, commenting on other blogs, SEO, back linking strategies, marketing, and a dose of luck. Only a few people here have managed to achieve this and it takes time (Hole in the Donut and The Planet D have done it).

  39. Mitchell says:

    I’m in there like swimwear.
    Here’s my announcement!!
    Mitchell recently posted..Five Pick-Up lines to Get You Laid in France

  40. roamingBrian says:

    Amy and I are definitely in although we have a very long road ahead of us (we’re currently only 50 visitors per month!)


  41. Abi says:

    I’m in! Better late than never and all that…


  42. Monica says:

    This page is bookmarked for when I get home next month and have the time to work on my blog properly. Thanks for this though. It’s given me some inspiration and something to work towards. I almost can’t wait to get home now!

  43. johnny says:

    awesome challenge mate, i’m in – it’s gonna be a long road but well worth it in the end i’m sure :)
    johnny recently posted..The Night My Friend Sht On His Passport

  44. sheenemarce says:

    how can i put welcome page on my page on facebook?

  45. Great idea. At the moment, I’m #rtwsoon, and struggling to think of unique content. If I ever get a readership of more than 20 a day, I might consider heading towards the 1000 visitors/day challenge. I wouldn’t even consider looking at monetizing until I had a decent number of followers.

    Looking forward to getting in on the forum action though.

  46. nithya says:

    Hey I’m super excited to start this challenge!

    Here is the post launching my site & talking about TBC


    I’m getting around 400 visitors per month, but im hoping more will come now that active content is up. i also just signed my first advertiser! it was exciting to make some money finally, even if it was a little :)

    Have a good weekend!
    nithya recently posted..Photo of the Week- April 1st

  47. Tik says:

    This is an interesting plan, 1000 visitors a day could lead to nice profit if there is conversion. I don’t know if I am going to take part of it, as right now I am more into direct linking. Thank you for the post.

  48. Roy says:

    Great idea Todd. This is the travel blogger’s answer to the Yakezie Challenge!
    Roy recently posted..7 Habits Of Highly Effective Travel Blog Stalkers

  49. Sophie says:

    I’m joining in at this late stage as well – http://www.sophiesworld.net/1000-1000-blog-challenge/

    Now, to find out how many visitors I actually have :)
    Sophie recently posted..Things to do in Skopje

  50. Hi Todd!

    I’m challenged! http://firsttimetravels.com/2011/04/i-am-1000-1000-challenged/

    This is really exciting. I’m looking forward to completing the challenge. :)

    Claire Algarme recently posted..I am 1000-1000 Challenged

  51. Tom says:

    Hi Todd!

    Thought I’d at least give this a try, my blog is basically brand new so I’m prepared for quite a hard slog. I do like a challenge though :-)



  52. What a sweet idea, thanks Todd!

    Count me in and come visit:

    lets-get-lost recently posted..A challenge you say

  53. I was really excited to see this challenge! It’s exactly the kind of inspiration that will keep me motivated to build the best travel blog I can!

    My stats right now are about 50-100 visitors per day, using mostly Twitter and Facebook. I’m looking forward to see what kinds of suggestions I see on the forums!


    I wrote my post on it here: http://www.ofrevolt.com/2011/04/challenge-or-mini-manifesto.html
    Jessica Kulick recently posted..The Challenge or- A Mini-Manifesto

  54. CPNITV says:

    I have joined the challenge http://www.cpnitv.blogspot.com

  55. Just found this today. I’m definitely going to take on this challenge!
    Thanks for thinking of it.
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge- Water

  56. Imperator says:

    Cool challenge :) I would join the challenge when opening my English version of my travel blog (which is in Romanian), I am doing around 15.000 unique visitors per month and around 5 – 600 euros which means… just a moment to check … 750 – 850 dollars.
    Imperator recently posted..Vine si Razvan Marc cu mine in Nepal! Dar el o ia spre Tibet Nu veniti si voi

  57. manvsclock says:

    If I was Barney from “How I met your Mother” I would be screeching


    manvsclock recently posted..Announcing the 1000-1000 Blog Challenge

  58. whatsupelsal says:

    we joined and are trying to rock it. only started the blog about 6 weeks ago so we are new. We have about 8,500 views so far. cant wait to get more of an audience. wooho the announcement is here.
    whatsupelsal recently posted..Cuatro Puntos El Salvador- La Palma

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Great! Welcome to the challenge and great statistics have just 6 weeks! I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys and your blog better. Ok, now I’m off to the airport to fly to Japan.

  59. I’m in! Looking forward to growing my blog, meeting new bloggers, expanding my blogging horizon. Challenge me!
    InsideJourneys recently posted..Day 2- Paris- The Louvre – Cameras Allowed

  60. kay says:

    count me in too!
    writing about my travels to and from Japan as I get ready to move over there!

    kay recently posted..Travel Blog

  61. Su Hawn says:

    Hey! I’ve joined in the challenge as well, the link to my announcement is http://www.roguescope.com/introspect/?p=94

    Thanks for the inspiration and I’m off to explore TBC to learn more.

    • Todd Wassel says:

      Welcome to the Challenge Su. We loving hearing how you are progressing so don’t forget to update people in the forums, or even in a guest post once you get going more with your blog. Cheers, Todd

  62. Juno says:
    • Todd Wassel says:

      Yay! Welcome Juno! Ok, now it is seriously time to gather all the challengers together and see where we stand at the moment. With summer travel heating up I’m sure everyone is running around the world and is very busy (I know I am :)

  63. Raf Kiss says:

    Hi Todd,

    I came across a few of the posts on this blog, and I still have a lot to read, but so far I liked them all.

    I’m not sure if I figured out yet what this 1000-1000 challenge is, and although my principal reason why I started blogging was NOT making money, I would like to come aboard and at least try to achieve 1000 visitors per day.

    I don’t know if I can be considered a travel blogger in the real sense of the word, since I do my traveling only in Brazil, as a motorcycle travel guide. I do make it a priority though, to discover new places in Brazil all the time and writing about them. I also write about other activities and experiences as a gringo living and working in Brazil.

    I started my blog in may this year to promote my business, without ANY prior experience, not even writing experience for that matter, and currently have an average of +/- 100 visitors per day, with a few exceptional days of almost 400.

    So, if you will have me, I would be glad to sign up and become part of what I consider a select group of people.


    • Todd Wassel says:

      Hey Raf, sounds like you are a travel blogger to me! It is a pretty large field and here on TBC we also accept Lifestyle Bloggers as well! Actually, anyone is free to join the challenge no matter what type of blog they have, as many of the articles while focusing on travel blogging have a lot of cross over value. In terms of 1000-1000 challenge, I’m cool with you only focusing on the traffic part (actually I think that is the hardest :) The challenge is one part experiment to see if we can get prove that people can be successful blogging, and part support group for people who love write and blog. It’s a way to give us all some focus, network and narrow in on the things that work and leave behind the things that don’t.

  64. Great idea! Thanks for starting this. I’m very excited to join the challenge and look forward to leveraging the resources on the site and this community. Just posted the announcement today. http://www.travelingtheworldaccordingtome.com/2011/08/we-are-taking-travel-blog-challenge.html

  65. I am up to a good challenge. Count me in.


    I will try to keep up:)

  66. dixonge says:

    it’s official

    dixonge recently posted..Financial Update

  67. Okay I’ll bite! I am up for the challenge too!

    Here’s the reason why –

    Carol Ann Quibell recently posted..Travel Blog Challenge!

  68. Sage says:

    Who wants to submit an escape story? I’ve recently launched ESCAPE STORIES: a project site dedicated to providing quick interviews with people like us. People who are making a go, living outside the “normal” realms of dayjoby-ness.

    I of course am shooting for $1000-1000 with this project and it’s off to a roaring start. This week Todd is the Headline interview.

    if you want to inspire would be travelers, and have one more place for your potential audience to find you, fill in the contact form and tell your story.

    Sage recently posted..Jenny Sundel: Expat Francophile, Writer, Creator of The Jesus Year Project

  69. Suzi says:

    Hey!! I have taken on the extremely daunting task of starting this challenge. It’s a fantastic way of helping new bloggers like myself get some grounding!
    Here is my official announcement!!

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