Anyone Can Monetize A Blog How Much Youll Make Is A Different Story

Create Blog Plan to Make MoneyBefore we get to Anils great post, I want to have my say on this topic. Yes, Im entitled to! Its my blog after all! What you are about to read is really true. There are a lot of people peddling the get paid to travel line but not everyone comes and tells you how hard it is, how you need to have a plan, how you actually need to work at it. No one is going to throw money at you in real life, so why would they in the blogging world. You need to EARN your money. I hope its possible to earn that money doing what I love, sipping cocktails on the beach, and dodging bullets and clingy groupies.

Here at the TBC we are trying one of these unique ways to add value (i.e. $$$, fame, world domination) collectively to our travel blogs. It takes creativity, and a willingness to work hard when youre not on the beach. No one ever said doing what you love is not hard work. It just doesnt feel like work.

Ok, now without further ado here is our great guest post by Anil.

How Much Money?

There isnt a single blog or blogger out there that cant make money by the end of this week with their site. Making money with a blog is easy, but if thats where your goal stops you wont be able to pay for a beer in Thailand, let alone your travels.

Without goals and a plan to achieve them, youll fail. There is no single way to make money with a blog just as theres no single way to make money from a business. Henry Ford didnt wake up one day and say I want to make money, let me figure out how. The idea came first. He monetized a dream and wasnt dreaming about monetizing.

Those of you serious about making money from your travel blog need to have some idea of how much you want to makeā€¦and how often. Monetizing isnt just turning your blog into a cash machine, in reality its converting it into a business. You need to treat it as such.

Have A Travel Blog Plan

There are two ways to go about making money online; either try and make a million dollars out of one thing, or make 1 dollar a million ways. Somewhere in between the two you need to diversify your income. Experiment, and keep track of where your money comes from and how. Talk to businesses in your field (aka. other specific travel blogs youve singled out) and see whats working for them and how.

Starting to sound like a business? Remember, it is if you have a figure in your head you want to make. Otherwise its just a hobby, and thats fine too. The biggest mistake you can make is getting caught somewhere in the hazy gray area of the two and end up frustrated with the goals you never created, realized, or achieved.

Wear Your Business Hat

While I cant make a business plan for you, I can help you get started but asking you, why should anyone give you money? Ask yourself (and your travel blog) the same question. (Dont worry, I wont look as you talk to your computer screen.)

You may have an audience that others would like to advertise to, an expertise others are willing to pay and learn from, or travel photography worthy of posting on living room walls. And probably many other things nobody has thought about or done in the same way before.

Blogs dont make money, everything associated with them does, indirectly. How much theyll make on the other hand is mostly up to you. Remember that you cant financially succeed or fail if you dont have goals to measure that success against.