How to choose your position in Soccer?


Are you interested in playing soccer and eager to get into the game but not quite sure what position best suits you? Choosing the position that best suits you can make or break a player and will determine how successful they will be when they play. You want a position that will highlight your strengths and benefit the team as a whole. So put on your soccer cleats and let’s find out. You may also like article about “Best Soccer Cleats”

Soccer (or also known as Football outside the United States) is a game composed of 11 players per team. Each player has a designated role in which they can show their strength either in offense or in defense. Choosing must be done with careful consideration of what you can do on the field and consultation with coaches and trainers to see where you best fit.

Each team on the field is composed on defenders, midfielders, forwards and a goalkeeper. It is up to the coach’s decision on how to manage the team’s positions on the field and is mostly based on the coach’s tactics for a particular game.

Here are some suggestions in choosing your position in soccer:

If you’re strong, smart and composed then perhaps the best position for you is the defender. Defenders generally don’t get much glory as their role is really to defend as the name of the position suggests. They may not contribute to the scoring, but they win games. A good defender is able to assess and read their current game and come up with strategies to wrestle balls away from the opposing team. They can often come in and suddenly change the tide of a game.

If you have the endurance to keep running and are good at passing the ball, then perhaps midfield is the best position for you. Midfielders are the jack-of-all-trades in soccer. They are all around and must be able to do a bit of everything. But their most important role is to keep the whole team together, strategizing attacks, and passing balls from the back to the forwards. Midfielders typically run up and down the field, pass the ball as accurately as possible at both short and long distances, generally remains composed and calm.

Now, if you’re big, fast and loves to score goals, then being a forward is the way to go. Forwards (often referred to as strikers) have one job and that is to score. The best strikers are those who can move fast and is excellent at shooting the ball to the goal.

Goalkeepers on the other hand are those with excellent reflexes and great hand-eye coordination. Whatever it is on the field, their primary task is to ensure that not a single ball will get pass them. They need to be smart and confident, able to analyze movements of player so that they can actually predict where a ball may be headed and stop it before it even reaches our apartment.

However, the best way that will help in choosing the best position is trying out all the available positions in a team. By trying out the different positions, you can find your sweet spot and see what best works for you and hopefully make good use of those soccer cleats.