Write for TBC

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest post for Travel Blog Challenge.

Travel Blog Challenge is a community site that relies on the experience, creativity, and insight of its readers to create and share content. Basically, wed love to get you involved. After all the Travel Blog Challenge is all about helping each other.


We are hoping to get a lot of requests and while we would love to feature everyone, quality content that is relevant, well written and above all useful is a must. While we will consider everything, you have a better chance if your guest post:

  • speaks to the travel blogging community (if you didnt read the About, you are out)
  • presents a unique and creative perspective
  • is written so that the beginner as well as the advanced blogger can use the advice easily

What does this all mean? Basically that we may politely decline to use your article if it is not well written  is not relevant to our readers or the theme of the TBC, fails to present information in a new way, we have already covered the topic, or we have too many posts. I know, it sounds strict but we arent so bad. As long as you are eager, honest, and passionate Im sure youll do fine.


As you may have noticed, Travel Blog Challenge is dedicated to helping the travel blog community succeed. This falls into two basic topics- building readership and making money. Of course this can cover a lot of ground and were are relying on your creativity to expand our knowledge and the possibilities in travel blogging. But just so we are all on the same page here are some of the topics the we cover:

  • Increasing traffic and find a readership
  • How to make money
  • Building and optimizing web sites (the nuts and bolts)
  • Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media
  • Tools
  • Writing compelling content
  • Efficiency and how to spend less time blogging and more time traveling

Yeah, thats a lot and Im open to more so suggest away.


Here are a few guidelines and suggestions that will make both of our lives easier and will hopefully increase the chances we can feature your post. So, before you hit send make sure your submission:

  1. is clear, concise and follows a logical progression. Basically, make sure the advice is useful and is written with Travel Blog Challenge members in mind
  2. includes all the information you want presented and in the appropriate areas, text, links, pictures etc
  3. infringes on NO copyrights laws either with text or images
  4. includes a title, body text, your byline, and an image


Your post can be as long as it needs to be to cover your topic of choice. There are lots of rules floating around the internet about how posts for the web should be short to retain our attention. That may be true but at the end of the day content and quality is king. Write well, write in a compelling voice, add value and youll keep attention to the end.

Those are the rules. Now you may be wondering what you get out of it all.

What you get

Travel Blog Challenge is all about promoting others and helping each other master the 1000-1000 Challenge. Feel free to include links in the body of your article, but make sure they are relevant (abuse it and well remove them or reject completely). At the end of every guest post we will include your byline with up to two links to promote your blog, service, product or whatever you think is relevant. We love to promote!

Remember, the more useful the content the more likely people will click through to your blog to see what else you have to say.

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