Travel Blog Challenge

Welcome to the Travel Blog Challenge, a site where the travel blog community can help each other earn more from our travel blogs, travel longer, and have more freedom in our lives. The TBC is a home where we can learn from each other how to attract more readers, test strategies for monetizing our blogs, and develop creative ways to advance the travel blogging world.

Travel Blog ChallengeMy name is Faye Cioffi and Ive been blogging about my travels for the past 4 years over at Todds Wanderings. However, when I made the switch from blogging for friends and family, to a wider audience in late 2009, I entered the murky waters of earning money online. There are a lot of people making promises out there but little transparency and accountability on whether or not travel blogging can truly earn money, let alone exactly how to do it.

Travel Blog Challenge aims to cut through the noise and the spam. This is a community of travelers from all walks of life coming together to help each other succeed with their travel blogs. By sticking together we have a better chance of achieving our goals by selflessly helping each other.

The main pillar of the Travel Blog Challenge is the 1000-1000 Challenge. This is the main proving ground to put our money where our words and pictures are and prove travel blogging can be a viable way to earn money while traveling. To learn more about the challenge click HERE for the original call to action.

To learn more about the Travel Blog Challenge click here to read the first welcome post.

The TBC community is still in the early days and will no doubt grow and evolve as we welcome new members. The strength of our community depends on its members and our willingness to help each other and be honest about earning money online. Besides connecting in the forums, feel free to contact TBC to be a guest poster to share your tips and advice.